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HEARTLAND has decided to invest in the German high-street fashion brand IVY & OAK that has quickly established a foothold in the European women’s occasionwear market.

While IVY & OAK will receive a significant injection of funds from BRIGHTFOLK, an investment company that comes under the umbrella of HEARTLAND – BESTSELLER’s holding company, the Berlin-based fashion specialist will remain separate from BESTSELLER’s portfolio of brands.

IVY & OAK is a high-street fashion brand with evening and bridal dresses at its core, which caters for a fast-growing segment of women that is looking for better quality occasionwear than what most fast fashion brands can offer without a luxury price tag.

BRIGHTFOLK is the main contributor to a EUR 5 million investment in IVY & OAK.

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Investing with the heart


Anders Holch Povlsen’s private holding company has been restructured under the name HEARTLAND to officially separate non-core investments from the daily operation of BESTSELLER.

HEARTLAND contains all group activities including investments and holdings outside of the fashion activities in BESTSELLER

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