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Two years ago, BESTSELLER GIVE-A-DAY donated its global revenue to charity. Some of the money went to UNICEF, who used them to help 1 million children and pregnant women in three of the world's poorest countries.

Friday 10 April 2015, BESTSELLER donated its global revenue to charity. It took place through the event GIVE-A-DAY and resulted in an impressive amount of DKK 112 million. Out of this amount, the children’s organisation UNICEF received DKK 18 million for a project that aimed to significantly reduce child mortality caused by malaria in Angola, the Democratic Republic of Congo and Kenya.

Now, two years after the event, the money is spent – effectively, that is: About one million children and pregnant women in the three countries have received help in the prevention and treatment of malaria, a disease that kills one child every minute. The main component of the project was the distribution of a quarter million mosquito nets in the three countries. The distribution was complemented by testing facilities and increase in correct diagnosis as well as malaria pills and treatment for the many children and pregnant women.

Some of the money has also been used to train health workers and to strengthen the cooperation with governments and authorities, which helps ensure the project's impact for years to come.

Communication Manager in BESTSELLER, Jesper Stubkier, says: ”After a successful effort to raise as much funds as possible during BESTSELLER GIVE-A-DAY in 2015, it is very satisfying to now see the results of UNICEF's work. Being able to contribute to a better life for a million women and children in three of the worst malaria-affected countries in Africa adds a practical perspective to the donation and to UNICEF’s work, and shows the true impact of GIVE-A-DAY. We should all be proud to be a part of that.”

The photos below were taken in Siaya County and Lunga Lunga sub-county in Kenya in November 2016 by BESTSELLER colleagues who visited the projects:

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