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JACK & JONES is launching a new strategic direction that will focus on simplifying the business and getting back to basics.

The past years’ strategic journey in JACK & JONES has unfortunately not delivered the expected results, and the market clearly indicates that a strategic change is needed.

The new approach will be to focus on going back to the roots and rediscover the backbone of JACK & JONES – i.e. back to being great merchants selling the best products at the best prices, and always focusing on tasks that will bring value to the products, to the JACK & JONES business and to the customers’ businesses.

The strategic change will require a restructuring of the brand organisation, which, unfortunately, is expected to result in the layoff of up to 100 colleagues at the JACK & JONES offices in Brande and Copenhagen.

Saying goodbye to that many colleagues is not a pleasant task, and the JACK & JONES management is of course very affected by the situation, but they will do their best to help the affected and the remaining colleagues in the time to come.

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