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Now is your chance to become one of BESTSELLER’s next International Business Trainees!

Once again, we open up for applications for the International Business Trainee (IBT) Programme – a challenging two-year programme which focuses on creating business specialists within specific business units.

As an IBT, you choose a field of specialty for the entire programme. You can choose to be a trainee within Sourcing, Retail Management, IT Technology and Development, Sales, Finance, E-commerce and Design.

 “We are proud of our International Business Trainee Programme, and it is our ambition that with this programme, we will educate some of our future leaders in BESTSELLER. The trainees will become part of a high-performance culture, where we are passionate about our work," explains Anders Holch Povlsen, CEO and Owner of BESTSELLER.

The International Business Trainee Programme consists of three periods with practical work experience and four school gatherings which include both theoretical training and examinations. The first working period takes place in Denmark. For the following two periods, our trainees get the opportunity to gain work experience at one or two foreign BESTSELLER destinations.

Rasmus Hindbo, who began his IBT journey as a Retail Management IBT in September 2015, has experienced what it means to be a Business Trainee in a global organisation: “As an IBT, I have gained great work experience in both Germany and Italy –I have even started learning Italian!”

Rasmus stresses that in order to succeed as an IBT, one must thrive in a dynamic environment: “The culture in BESTSELLER is young and you never know what will happen tomorrow. To me it is very rewarding to be part of a highly dynamic international organisation and I learn something new every single day.“

Read more about our seven different IBT tracks and apply for the IBT Programme here 

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International Business Trainee

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