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Internship & case study

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Internship and casestudy

As an intern in BESTSELLER, you become part of a team and get individual tasks according to your competencies and preferences and our needs. When we evaluate an application for an internship, we focus on your professional qualifications as well as your personal qualifications and value commitment, openness and cooperation skills. 

The duration of the internships vary according to the needs and future projects of the specific department and your education.

Currently it is only possible to apply for an internship at one of our offices in Denmark. If you are interested in an internship at one of our local offices, please contact the specific office. 

Case study 

If you are interested in cooperation regarding a case study, please send a case description via the link below.

Be as specific as possible about the subject of the case and your expectations, so we can evaluate the opportunities for a potential cooperation.

Since we receive many enquiries regarding case studies and school projects, we cannot offer everyone cooperation.
For general information about BESTSELLER and our brands, we encourage you to dig into the information posted on this site and on brand sites. There you will be able to find all available material regarding facts, history, photos etc. 

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As an intern in BESTSELLER, you participate in the work in the department at the same level as the rest of the team. Therefore, we are also able to consider you a future colleague.

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Case study

In order for us to evaluate the chances of a case study cooperation, it is important that you are as specific as possible about the subject of the case and your expectations.

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BESTSELLER has more than 15,000 dedicated BESTSELLER colleagues around the world, and cultural differences are considered an advantage promoting quality, good results and strong values.

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We are proud that many institutions and organisations are interested in visiting us. However, the number of requests has grown to such an extent that unfortunately we cannot meet all requests.

As a guidance we welcome guests and students from higher educational institutions with a combination of subjects and courses relevant to our company. We primarily welcome students in their graduating year and master students.

In special cases we welcome guests from organisations, business associations, and public institutions.


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