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International trainee programme

Terms of employment

BESTSELLER offers you an IBT package consisting of:

- fully financed accommodation including all costs throughout the entire two-year period.
- a monthly salary of EUR 1,100 after taxes. 
- a financed trip for each Summer and New Year’s break to your home country.
- security and insurance package.
- financed study trips abroad to both retail and production locations of BESTSELLER

Please note that throughout the programme, it is mandatory for all trainees regardless of nationality to live together with a fellow trainee in an apartment which BESTSELLER provides as a part of the salary.

For non-EU citizens BESTSELLER provides professional assistance regarding work permit and residence permit so you will be guided throughout the entire process.

For both non-EU and EU citizens BESTSELLER will guide you regarding leaving your own country and getting registered in Denmark.

Answers to your questions


There are a lot of questions to be asked when considering applying for the BESTSELLER International Business Trainee Programme.

Check out our FAQ to see if there is an answer for your questions.

See our IBT FAQ