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International Business Trainee

IBT Timeline

School period 1

  • Welcome and introduction to BESTSELLER
  • How to run a successful retail business
  • Operational retail experience abroad

Destination 1 – BESTSELLER Denmark

  • Working in chosen departments with new colleagues and specific responsibility areas

School period 2

  • Co-operation across the BESTSELLER value chain
  • How to secure the best products
  • Product knowledge
  • Inspirational trip abroad with focus on suppliers and logistics

 Destination 2 – BESTSELLER Denmark or BESTSELLER world

  • Working in an international local office with updated responsibility areas and new colleagues within the same department*
  • Identification of a specific business challenge related to your department
  • Analyze and work out a report with suggestions for improvements for the specific business challenge

 School period 3

  • Presentation of written report for fellow IBTs, manager and IBT responsibles
  • Personal development and leadership tools

Destination 3 – BESTSELLER Denmark or BESTSELLER world

  • Last working location with updated responsibility areas within the same department preparing you for a potential position at BESTSELLER afterwards

School period 4

  • Innovation and business development
  • Project management tools
  • Case work and preparation for the final exam

Final examination and graduation in Denmark 


*The possibilities to be stationed at an international BESTSELLER location can differ among departments and specialist fields. Therefore some IBT positions may not offer you to work outside Denmark. However, if you are working in Denmark during the entire IBT Programme we will make sure you get knowledge from either different projects or other departments, which all would be related to your IBT position.

Jobs & Careers

Closed for applications

Learning by doing

Specialist fields

As an International Business Trainee you choose a field of specialty for the entire programme.

You can choose to be a trainee within Sourcing, Retail Management, IT Technology and Development, Finance, E-commerce, Sales Management and Design

Find your field

Answers to your questions


There are a lot of questions to be asked when considering applying for the BESTSELLER International Business Trainee Programme.

Check out our FAQ to see if there is an answer for your questions.

See our IBT FAQ