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International Business Trainee

IBT recruitment process

We will start recruiting again for team 2018 on 15 December 2017.

Apply online in English from 15 December 2017 till 4 March 2018. You can read about the content of IBT Programme, including specialist fields, here on our website. Take a look at the IBT blog where current IBTs write about their journey so far.


  • After applying, you will receive an e-mail confirming that we have received your application.
  • Screening and processing of incoming applications can take up to several weeks.
  • On a regular basis, you will receive e-mail notifications about your candidacy for an IBT position


  • You will meet an IBT recruiter for an online interview
  • You give us an insight into your motivation for applying for the IBT Programme
  • You let us obtain general knowledge about your personal skills and professional qualifications
  • You get the possibility of asking questions about the IBT Programme and BESTSELLER
  • Update via e-mail within 4 weeks after the interview about your candidacy for an IBT position


  • We start the process of matching your profile with the relevant IBT positions in our organisation
  • You meet online with IBT recruiter and the manager, who has found your profile interesting
  • In-depth focus on your personal skills and professional qualifications for the specific position
  • You might have more interviews with different managers, if your profile matches more IBT positions. This is for us to find the right match between your profile and our IBT positions
  • Use of assessment tools, which you will be asked to fill out at home before the interview. You will receive written feedback on the assessment tools before the interview. The assessment tools are only used as a supplement in our dialogue and there is no right or wrong answers
  • Possibility of asking question regarding the department, team and the specific position
  • Update via e-mail within 4 weeks after the interview about your candidacy for an IBT position


  • The final 40 candidates are invited for the IBT Tryout in Denmark (three days)
  • Introduction to BESTSELLER and expectations of our IBTs
  • Teambuilding exercises
  • Work with a business case
  • Final personal interview with relevant managers
  • For non-EU citizens, we will also start up the application process for a work and residence permit. If you are not selected afterwards this will be annulled
  • The IBT Tryout is mandatory to be considered for an IBT position and all expenses are covered by BESTSELLER
  • Personal update over the phone within two weeks after the Tryout about your candidacy for a position


  • Information about the further process before start up
  • Contract and job description is sent by e-mail
  • Arranging your arrival by the end of August


* The recruitment process for non-EU citizen is shorter than the process for EU citizens. This is due to the fact that BESTSELLER has to take into account the time needed to apply for work and residence permit in Denmark. This process can take up to 3 months.


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International Business Trainee

Application Advice

Get advice on how to prepare your applications and for a potential interview.

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Learning by doing

Specialist fields

As an International Business Trainee you choose a field of specialty for the entire programme.

You can choose to be a trainee within Sourcing, Retail Management, IT Technology and Development, Finance, E-commerce, Sales Management and Design

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International Business Trainee

Terms of employment

As an IBT you get a monthly salary, fully financed accommodation, financed summer and New Year’s trip to your home country, study trips and more.

Read more to see what the IBT package consists of.

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