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General contact info

Fredskovvej, DK-7330 Brande
Phone: + 45 99 42 32 00
Fax: + 45 99 42 34 99
E-mail: contact(@)

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Brand Marketing & PR

All our brands have their own brand Marketing & PR functions. Get an overview of our different brand contacts.

Overview of brand contacts

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Press & Media

For press and communication related  matters regarding our company and business, please contact the Corporate Communication department.

Press & Media details

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Have an IT product or Service?

IT is an important part of our business. Do you have an IT product or IT service you believe is relevant to us? Then get in contact with us using this form.

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International PR

With offices all over the world, we ask you to contact your local international PR office if you have brand and fashion related questions.

International PR contact details

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We are proud that many institutions and organisations are interested in visiting us. However, the number of requests has grown to such an extent that unfortunately we cannot meet all requests.

As a guidance we welcome guests and students from higher educational institutions with a combination of subjects and courses relevant to our company. We primarily welcome students in their graduating year and master students.

In special cases we welcome guests from organisations, business associations, and public institutions.


Contact our main office reception


Sustainability Report 2016

In our sustainability strategy ‘20by20’ we have set ourselves 20 ambitious goals, which will guide our sustainability work towards 2020. In this year’s Sustainability Report, we present the results of the work carried out so far and address some of the issues and challenges we meet on our way.

Play video Sustainability in BESTSELLER - 2016