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More than 8,000 stores in over 500 cities

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BESTSELLER Fashion Group China

BESTSELLER Fashion Group China is one of China's leading fashion retailers operating more than 7,000 stores in over 500 cities throughout China. The following BESTSELLER brands are sold in China:

ONLY was launched in China in 1996 and today operates 1,932 stores

JACK & JONES was launched in March 2000 and today operates 1,986 stores.

VERO MODA was launched in August 2001 and today operates 1,942 stores.

SELECTED was launched in August 2008 and today operates 1,189 stores.

ONLY, JACK & JONES and VERO MODA are all leading brands in China and SELECTED is expanding fast on the Chinese market.

Although there is a cooperation between BESTSELLER in Europe and BESTSELLER in China, most of the designs for the Chinese market are made in China and adjusted to the taste and requirements of the Chinese consumers.

Over 90% of the products sold in China are also produced in China.

BESTSELLER Fashion Group China is an independent company established in 1996 and is 50% owned by Anders Holch Povlsen and 50% by Dan Friis and Allan Warburg who also run the business on a daily basis.

BESTSELLER Fashion Group China’s sales and profit figures are not public and are not consolidated into the accounts of BESTSELLER A/S

BESTSELLER Fashion Group China
The Place, Tower D, 15 Floor
Guanghua Road no. 9
Chaoyang District
100020 Beijing
Phone: + 86 10 65873388