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Facts & figures

70 markets, 2,700 stores, 15,000 people and counting

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Facts & Figures

We market our products in 70 markets across most of Europe, the Middle East, North America, Latin America, Australia and India and globally via e-commerce. We have about 2,700 branded chain stores across 38 markets worldwide and our products are sold in approx. 15,000 multi-brand and department stores. 

We have more than 15,000 employees. 
- Hereof 3,300 in Denmark.

We have  approx. 2,700 chain stores.
- Hereof 300 in Denmark.

Read the press release for our latest annual report here.

Key figures for the financial year 2015/16*

Net turnover EUR 3.07 billion
Result before tax EUR 273 million
Total equity EUR 1.49 billion

Key figures for the financial year 2014/15*

Net turnover EUR 2.93 billion
Result before tax EUR 134 million
Total equity EUR 1.4 billion

Key figures for the financial year 2013/14*

Net turnover EUR 2.7 billion  
Result before tax EUR 228.2 million 
Total equity EUR 1.3 billion

*All figures are consolidated figures for BESTSELLER A/S and VILA A/S.


BESTSELLER Fashion Group China

BESTSELLER Fashion Group China is one of China's leading fashion retailers operating more than 8,000 stores in over 500 cities throughout China.

About the business in China